Striving to create objects that exist in the tangible space where biology and psychology meet, Susan White works with materials, like hair and old linens, which cause us to consider our emotional connection to our physical existence. Born and raised in Richmond, VA, White received a B.A. in 1991 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an M.A.T. in Art Education from SMFA/Tufts University in 1997, and an M.F.A. in 2003 from the University of California at Davis.

White has shown her work nationally in MA, CA, and WI. Madison exhibitions include amnesia, recall, at UW’s Porter Butts Gallery, 2009; Handmade Meaning: The Value of Craft in Victorian and Contemporary Culture at the James Watrous Gallery, 2010; Time (Im)material: Kaufman-Buhler, Miller, Velliquette, White at Union South’s 1308 Gallery, 2011; and Bookless at the Madison Public Library, 2012. White has been an arts educator for over 20 years, in settings as diverse as universities, public schools and museums. For the past six years she has taught at Madison College. She currently lives in Madison with her husband and two children.